We offer You comfort and quality

“Cardelen Divani” Ltd is the official representative in the Republic of Moldova of an Italian company of international fame,Delta Salotti specialized in producing upholstered furniture since 1989.
Leaders of quality, modern design, high-performance technology of maximum distinction and elegance that satisfies the most rigorous requirements of each customer.
At the basis of furniture persists a range of iron accessories of Italian origin, that present a modernized technology.
The furniture has a remote controlled and mechanical extension, fact that distinguishes us from a number of other producers. The main secret of quality has been inherited from generation to generation during many years.
The trend towards development, modernization, realization of the most special ideas, brought us stability over years and on the market of 40 countries of the world.
The mission of the company “Cardelen Divani” Ltd is to support the success of our customers, offering them the most competitive price, functional, comfortable, elegant and high quality furniture.
The quality of ecological materials that are used and the design individuality are the key features of furniture proposed by “Cardelen Divani” Ltd. Always attentive and respectful towards internal land external market tendencies, determined, growing up and always very exacting, we consider that we can present us as a modern, flexible and qualified company having development tendencies.

Design Collection

Design Collection Sofas characterize modern suites with their shapes and volumes, fitting as a living-room furniture. Sofas are an important design element in our homes: we enjoy them when we devote time to relax and are the decor behind the friendly encounters. When deciding to choose a sofa from Design Collection, we have to take into account certain factors: the right space to put it in order to offer a friendly atmosphere.


Living Collection

Living Sofas represent the level of comfort and adds a balanced refinement to the living space. A perfect blend of style and convenience, every model of the rich collection of modern sofas proposed by Delta Salotti differs in quality. Choosing between straight and angled sofas, or choosing a practical, comfortable sofa, you'll get the guarantee of an excellent product, the perfect balance between shape and matter. Sitting on the modern Delta Salotti sofas, you will enjoy true relaxation moments thanks to the many functional solutions to adapt the headrests, armrests to the chosen level.


Clasic Collection

Classic Collection Sofas are the tradition, the value of hospitality, the search and the care for the smallest details. The dynamism and technological innovation of the Delta Salotti production system enable the enterprise to offer the Classic Collection sofa assortment solutions that will decorate the living room with high-quality lining, the choice of fine material for accentuating elegant lines. Every detail is done with the artisanal care of the assortment.

The Classic Collection sofa becomes a piece of furniture that represents the long-term charm, designed to value the space dedicated to relaxation and the moments of rest spent with family and friends.